Google Fax

Initially, the only way one could fax was by using a fax machine. Besides, the only way one could fax is by using a dedicated fax line. Things have since changed as technological advancements have paved the way for faster and better approaches of sending your faxes. For instance, you can now send and receive you mails on your Gmail mailbox. This implies that you can access your faxes even from your hand-held.dfcasdfwfgesthwdfc

Today, everyone love seen things done quickly and effectively. After all, you also need also look into other pressing issues. Getting a Google fax number is fast. Getting one only takes less than 5 minutes. Internet fax technologies have paved way for better and efficient approaches of sending your mails. Most importantly, you do not have to have a dedicated fax number to enjoy these services.

Getting started

What is a Google fax number? How does it work? How good is it? These are the main concerns raised by users that have never used this service before. Simply put, a Google fax number is a number that forwards all your faxes to your Gmail inbox. As such, it is the link between email addresses and fax machine. Getting started is somehow straightforward, you need to have a Gmail account and an active subscription to an online fax service. Email fax services provide many distinct features. However, this article focuses on online fax numbers as an essential component of this service.

A brief overview on fax numbers

Currently, getting a virtual fax number is only possible after signing up with email fax providers. There are websites that offer only sending options, others offer only receiving with a select few offering both. The amazing part of using these services is that they allow you to access or send document files easily and conveniently.

Are there free fax numbers?

dcsdvcsdvASdYes, there are some free plans. However, most of them are only offers and do not last long. As such, free fax numbers are offered as trial services. Most of these free numbers can be used for only 30 days. From there, you are expected to subscribe to monthly plans if you feel that Gmail fax services are convenient for you.

Getting a number might require you to subscribe to a plan depending on your individual requirements. For instance, there are some plans that are as low as $5 a month. Besides, considering that it is not a contract, you can always cancel your subscriptions any time you feel like.